A membership with The Guild connects all disciplines within our passionate theater region: the actor looking for a practice room to prepare an audition, the lighting designer seeking his or her next offer from one of our region’s high quality theater companies, that theater company seeking more info on an artist they have seen at an audition or received an application from, even an audience member looking for a calendar of each theater’s performances to decide which to attend.

Along with this centralized theater toolbox, a membership offers an investment to our diverse and growing theater region through industry discounts to shows, classes, and even services like headshot photography and website creation – something to make it just a little bit easier for our region to continue to thrive.


Help connect the triangle region’s thriving theater community and join today!

Membership Plans


$50 / yr

  • Profile on website
  • Resume, Bio
  • 2 Media Link (Youtube, etc)
  • 2 Images
  • Ability to post events
  • Ability to post jobs/auditions
  • Various discounts to Member shows, classes, etc. when offered


$100 / yr

  • Profile on website
  • 4 Images
  • 3 Media links (Youtube, etc)
  • Ability to post events
  • Ability to post auditions/job openings
  • *Ability to post Space Rentals
  • *Organizational members are encouraged to offer 5% – 10% discount on show tickets, classes, etc. when applicable to CATG members