Capital Arts Theater Guild in partnership with

Artist Soapbox presents


“Bringing the Outside, Inside”

March 4, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Theatre Raleigh Arts Center

CATG is thrilled to partner with Artist Soapbox to present an evening of LIVE AUDIO DRAMA!

Artist Soapbox (ASBX) is a podcast production studio based in North Carolina. Artist Soapbox produces original scripted audio fiction, cultivates aspiring audio dramatists and partners with others to create new audio content.

ASBX LIVE will be an evening of theatrical fun, featuring LIVE presentations of 2 original audio dramas, written by North Carolina writers. These live performances will be recorded and released to the public in podcast form later in 2023. Although the audio dramas are the core of the event, ASBX LIVE will be an evening of good old fashioned fun with an MC, an improv group, a musician, and other fun entertainment!

2023 Selections for

“Bringing the Outside, Inside”

Judy Dove


Dan and Taylor are two herpetologists, conducting a study to see how Global Warming is affecting the growth and health of local lizards, since it has been rumored that common lizards have gotten so big that they are eating the local coyote population.


Ryan Vasconcellos


Domed is about three friends entering a game show with keys, treasure, and animatronic animals. Can they make it out with the ultimate prize, or will they get domed? (Not Ad-free)




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ASBX Live is supported by a grant from the Manbites Dog Theater Fund.



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