Capital Arts Theater Guild in partnership with

Artist Soapbox presents


“Detective Stories”

February 22, 2025, at 7:00 PM

Theatre Raleigh Arts Center

CATG is thrilled to partner with Artist Soapbox to present an evening of LIVE AUDIO DRAMA!

Artist Soapbox (ASBX) is a podcast production studio based in North Carolina. Artist Soapbox produces original scripted audio fiction, cultivates aspiring audio dramatists and partners with others to create new audio content.

ASBX LIVE is an evening of theatrical fun, featuring LIVE presentations of 2 original audio dramas, written by North Carolina writers and support performances by musicians, improvisers, and an MC! This live event will be recorded and released to the public in podcast form later in 2025.

Submissions: “Detective Stories”

Seeking original audio plays written by North Carolina writers.

  • Submission Window: Aug 19-Sept 2, 2024
  • INFO SESSION (Zoom): Sunday July 7, 1PM – Sign Up Here

Artist Soapbox and Capital Arts Theater Guild invite North Carolina writers to submit a 20-25 minute audio drama script featuring up to four actors.

*Currently, ASBX Live is open to writers living in the following NC counties: Alamance, Chatham, Durham, Guilford, Orange, and Wake.*

Two scripts will be chosen, rehearsed, and then performed in front of a live audience. The performances will be recorded and released to the public in podcast form later in 2025.

[Note: each audio play will be staffed with professional actors and production team (director, stage manager, foley artist).]

Selected writers will be paid $100 each.

The style and content are up to the discretion of the writer (see additional writing guidelines below). Script can be any genre. The theme for this event is ‘Detective Stories’ Please write with SFX inspired by detective stories of any type/genre/location/, etc.


  • Please title your play, include character names and descriptions, and the setting as needed. You may format your script as you would a stage play, screen play, or BBC audio drama form:
  • Sound effects usually take the place of what we read as stage directions in theatre scripts. Please note them in the script as SFX. If you aren’t including SFX, then you aren’t writing for audio.


SAM: Another cold one, please, Sue.

SUE: You bet.

SFX: Bottle opener pops open glass bottle. Foaming beer poured into mug. Mug placed in front of Sam on the wooden bar top.

SAM: Thank you, kindly. Bottoms up.

  • When writing for audio, it may be helpful to think of the sound effects as a scene partner for conveying information and dramatic action. The SFX will guide the sound designer in putting together the SFX needed to perform your piece.
  • ASBX LIVE will be performed live on stage with Foley artists, actors, and musicians creating the sound effects and music. All script submissions should be ready to produce including direction for sound and music cues (written in the script as SFX, etc.) Sorry, but submissions cannot include usage of copyrighted music.


  • The content and style is yours to determine.
  • 4 actors only. Your script can feature up to 10 roles with actors double cast in distinctly different voice parts.
  • You’ll receive bonus points for including the live audience as a character(s)
  • Maximum 25 minute piece (please read your draft and time it to make sure that it meets the time limit and edit as necessary.)
  • Please do not include any identifying personal information in your manuscript.
  • PDF submissions are preferred.


  • All submissions will be accepted via a Google form and sent anonymously to readers.
  • Submission fee: $10 required donation
  • Each script will be read and scored by multiple readers in a two-step process of selection.

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Click Below to listen to the podcasts of 2023’s ASBX LIVE: “Bringing the Outside, Inside”


This project is supported by the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County and the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. 

ASBX Live is supported by a grant from the Manbites Dog Theater Fund.



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