A message from CATG Producers Charlie Brady and Tim Seib – Help CATG end a productive 2023 and hit its goal of $3500 that will go DIRECTLY to our artists! 

$1000 covers all actors and playwrights for ASBX LIVE

$1000 covers BOTH playwrights awards for North Carolina Playwrights Lab

$1500 covers the writing team award for the National Music Theater Foundry

We hope you’ll consider a tax deductible donation today, and help support full time careers in the theater.  Happy Holidays!


The Scottsboro Boys | Theatre Raleigh | Jennifer Robertson Photography


Help fulfill CATG’s day to day funding requirements and support our abilities to provide high quality programs to our expansive regional theater industry by becoming an individual donor.



Want to take your investment of CATG to the next level? Consider becoming a sponsor of the North Carolina Playwrights Lab and help our NC playwrights get the next homegrown classic produced!

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2023 North Carolina Playwrights Lab Support

Event Sponsors – $3,000

Debbie and Mark Hammersla

Allyson and Mark Pfeffer

Productions Sponsors – $1500

Michael Kennedy

Supporters – $500 – $1,499

Martha and Ron Seib

Linda and Michael Sheaffer

Backers – $1 – $499

Kelly Fehrenbacher

Sherri Goldberg

Kye Hofman

Carol Huffman

Mark Seib

Lucille Will