David Akiva Klionsky

David Akiva Klionsky

I began my acting career as a child in Binghamton, NY. I was a shy kid, but I was inspired to take the stage by my high school Drama teacher, Helen Foley. (Miss Foley also was a big influence of TWILIGHT ZONE creator Rod Serling.) After high school, I moved to New York to study acting. For several years, I toured the US performing adaptations of classic literature with Chamber Theatre, Biggs/Rosati Productions, and other companies. While in my 30’s I decided to put acting on hold for a while, got my Master’s Degree, and began a 22-year career as a school technology specialist In NYC and North Carolina. While teaching in North Carolina, I was able to continue my love of theatre, appearing in more than 50 reginal productions, and was twice awarded the Cantey Award for Best Supporting Actor at Raleigh Little Theatre. I retired from my teaching career in 2019, and now devote all of my time to acting and audiobook narration!


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